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Mutational Signatures (v3.4 - October 2023)

SigProfiler Bioinformatic Tools

SigProfiler provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of bioinformatic tools for performing mutational signature analysis. The software covers the analytical lifecycle starting with the generation of the mutational matrix and finishing with signature extraction, as well as supporting functionality for plotting and simulation.

Hover over any of the logos to learn more about each of our software tools, including the GitHub repository, a wiki page describing how to use the tool and the corresponding publication. All SigProfiler software is available both in Python and R environments.


SigProfilerMatrixGenerator creates mutational matrices for all types of somatic mutations.


SigProfilerPlotting provides a standard tool for displaying all types of mutational signatures as well as all types of mutational patterns in cancer genomes.


SigProfilerSimulator allows realistic simulations of mutational patterns and mutational signatures in cancer genomes. The tool can be used to simulate SBS, DBS and ID signatures.


SigProfilerClusters analyzes the inter-mutational distances between mutations. The tool separates mutations into clustered and non-clustered groups and subclassifies all clustered SNVs.


SigProfilerExtractor allows de novo extraction of mutational signatures, identifying the number of operative signatures, their activities and their probability to cause a specific mutation type.


SigProfilerAssignment enables assignment of previously known mutational signatures to individual samples and individual somatic mutations.


The tool provides analysis of epigenomics and nucleosome occupancy, replication timing, replication, transcription and genic strand asymmetry, and strand-coordinated mutagenesis.