COSMIC - Registration

Registering will enable you to gain access to complete COSMIC datasets and also receive important announcements. Access is free for students or employees of academic or non-profit organisations under our 'Academic' license. For commercial users registering under our 'Corporate' license a fee is charged, with all revenue from licensing and other commercial partnerships being used to expand and improve services for all users. For more information about commercial licensing please visit our licensing page.

Please note that you must register using your company or academic email address if you want to download COSMIC data. Users who are not affiliated with a company or academic institution may register but their accounts do not have access to COSMIC downloads. Email addresses from non-institutional email providers, such as Gmail or Yahoo, can only be used to register for non-affiliated accounts.

  • Academic
    Select 'Academic' if you are registering as a student or employee of an academic/non-profit organisation.
  • Corporate
    Select 'Corporate' if you are registering as an employee of a corporate/commercial enterprise.
  • Non-Affiliated

    Select 'Non-Affiliated' if you are registering with a personal email address because you do not have a work, or place of study email address.

    This option allows you to receive email announcements when COSMIC is updated, but not to access data downloads. For data downloads you must register with a company or academic email address.

Terms and Conditions   
  1. I understand that my company must have a license to access the COSMIC data system.
  2. My account will not be able to access COSMIC data until my company has agreed a COSMIC license.

Please contact cosmic-translation to discuss licensing COSMIC.

In order to support the growth and maintenance of the COSMIC database as a valuable public resource, we have implemented a licensing model which applies to all downloadable content. Before submitting your registration details, please review the COSMIC academic use Terms and Conditions and agree to the following:

I confirm I am employed by or studying at an academic or not for profit institution.
I agree that my use of COSMIC as permitted by these Terms and Conditions shall be solely for the purpose of research or educational activities in the course of my academic or not for profit employment.
I agree not to transfer, grant access to, or otherwise distribute COSMIC in any form or manner.
I agree that GRL provides COSMIC “as is” without any representations or warranties of any kind and that GRL excludes to the fullest extent permitted by law any liability that may arise from my use of COSMIC.
I have read and and agree to the Terms and Conditions and understand that any change to these Terms and Conditions will be notified on the website.

I am registering with a personal email address because I do not have a work or place of study address. As such, I understand that I will not be authorised to download data as the nature of my work cannot be verified by affiliation to any recognised organisation. However, I do wish to receive email announcements informing me about COSMIC updates.