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Gene name
This is a known cancer gene, for more information please look here
Genomic Coordinates
Gene Id
Drug Sensitivity Data:
Mutations in PTEN are associated with altered sensitivity to the following drug(s) : Bosutinib, BMS-754807, OSI-906, AZD8055, Temsirolimus, AZD6482, 17-AAG, MK-2206, BIBW2992, TGX221, MK-2206, GDC0941, AZD6482, KU-55933, BIBW2992, AZD8055, Methotrexate, Bosutinib, BMS-754807, OSI-906
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No.of Samples
Total number of unique samples: 56586
Unique samples with mutations: 3325
Mouse mutagenesis
Mouse insertional mutagenesis experiments support PTEN as a cancer causing gene, please click
for more information.
cDNA Sequence
Protein Sequence
Transcript and Protein Aligned
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No Fusions reported for PTEN

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