GRCh38 · COSMIC v82

Cancer Gene Census

The Cancer Gene Census (CGC) is an ongoing effort to catalogue those genes for which mutations have been causally implicated in cancer. The original census and analysis was published in Nature Reviews Cancer.

The census is not static but rather is updated regularly/as needed. In particular we are grateful to Felix Mitelman and his colleagues in providing information on more genes involved in uncommon translocations in leukaemias and lymphomas. Currently, more than 1% of all human genes are implicated via mutation in cancer. Of these, approximately 90% have somatic mutations in cancer, 20% bear germline mutations that predispose to cancer and 10% show both somatic and germline mutations.


The gene list has been annotated with information concerning chromosomal location, tumour types in which mutations are found, classes of mutation that contribute to oncogenesis and other genetic properties. We have sorted the data in a number of ways to list subsets of cancer genes with similar features. However, we would recommend that those wishing to scrutinise the list in detail should download it in its entirety from ten table in the 'Cancer Gene Census' section.


This section shows a table of abbreviations used in the census tables.