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Gene name
This is a known cancer gene, for more information please look here
Genomic Coordinates
Gene Id
C-K-RAS, K-RAS2A, K-RAS2B, K-RAS4A, K-RAS4B, KI-RAS, KRAS1, KRAS2, NS3 ... [more]
... RASK2, CCDS8702.1, P01116
Drug Sensitivity Data:
Mutations in KRAS are associated with altered sensitivity to the following drug(s) : Bosutinib, Axitinib, AZD6482, Docetaxel, ATRA, Gefitinib, JNJ-26854165, TW 37, MK-2206, AG-014699, NVP-BEZ235, GDC0941, AZD8055, WO2009093972, ZM-447439, Z-LLNle-CHO, AZ628, FH535, Epothilone B, RDEA119, CI-1040, BMS-754807, JNK-9L, OSI-906, PF-562271, AUY922, Bryostatin 1, PD-0325901, AZD6244, PD-173074, BX-795, BI-D1870, Vorinostat, KU-55933, A-769662, Temsirolimus, AZD-2281, Camptothecin, Z-LLNle-CHO, AZ628, AZD6244, PD-0325901, ZM-447439, FH535, RDEA119, CI-1040, JNK-9L, BMS-754807, OSI-906, TW 37, PD-173074, NVP-BEZ235, AZD8055, AZD6482, GDC0941, BX-795, Methotrexate, Vorinostat, Temsirolimus, AZD6482, Axitinib
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No.of Samples
Total number of unique samples: 173183
Unique samples with mutations: 33025
Alternative Transcripts
Mouse mutagenesis
Mouse insertional mutagenesis experiments support KRAS as a cancer causing gene, please click
for more information.
cDNA Sequence
Protein Sequence
Transcript and Protein Aligned
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KRAS is involved in fusions with :
UBE2L3 ( 1 mutations in 1 samples )
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