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Gene name
Genomic Coordinates
Gene Id
DRB1, DRw10, FLJ75017, FLJ76359, HLA-DR1B, HLA-DRB, HLA-DRB1*, SS1, CCDS47409 ... [more]
... A0N0W1, A2TGX3, A4F5N0, A4ZY86, A5H000, A5HKN8, A7DZP9, A7X5B1, A7X5B7, A7X5E0, A7X5E6, A7X5H8, A7X5J4, A8K098, A9JPG0, B1GWE7, B2CR03, B2LVF9, B2NJ29, B2ZCY1, B3VTP8, B5B8U0, B5B9V5, B5LZ25, B6VEL9, B9VRA4, B9X248, O02876, O46793, O62869, O77969, O78210, O98212, P01911, P04229, P13758, Q06662, Q0PGR5, Q0PQ39, Q155F7, Q1AP33, Q1JRP3, Q27PR6, Q27PR7, Q29734, Q29770, Q29772, Q29790, Q29792, Q29800, Q29974, Q29975, Q2A120, Q2HZE5, Q2LE76, Q2MJA6, Q2VQU1, Q30116, Q30117, Q30120, Q30142, Q30159, Q30166, Q30200, Q307W5, Q31636, Q32MY7, Q3HUP9, Q3KTM1, Q3LA84, Q3LA87, Q3LA88, Q3LA89, Q3LA90, Q3LA91, Q3LA92, Q3T919, Q4PRC3, Q4PRC5, Q4VZY7, Q56FN9, Q56FP1, Q5BM92, Q5U9W6, Q5Y7B0, Q5Y7B9, Q5Y7E9, Q683P7, Q6T865, Q70GL2, Q7M2H4, Q7YNY9, Q7YQA5, Q860D8, Q860D9, Q860S0, Q861H5, Q861H7, Q8MH59, Q8MH60, Q8WLU3, Q95348, Q95383, Q95461, Q95HK1, Q95HL0, Q95IG2, Q9BCL7, Q9GIK5, Q9GIL5, Q9GIL6, Q9GIY0, Q9GIY1, Q9GIY2, Q9GIY3, Q9GJ56, Q9GJ57, Q9GJ58, Q9MXZ0, Q9MXZ5, Q9TPB6, Q9TPW1, Q9TQ91, Q9XRY4, Q9Y4H7, A0N0W0, A1Z0K9, B7VU65, C8CJD1, D3U4F4, D5FIC8, D5FIC9, D5FID0, D5FID2, D5FID6, D5FID7, D5FID8, D5FID9, D5FIE4, D5FIE6, D5FIE7, D5FIE8, D5FIE9, D5FIF2, D5FZP4, D5FZP5, D5G2K8, D5M899, D5M8A0, D6BPR2, D6MJC0, D6MJL2, D7NR21, D7RIH8, D9IFQ2, E0X9M7, E3SWN8, E3SWN9, E3SWP0, Q06653, Q1G0Z8, Q1G100, Q3LTJ8, Q5Y7C5, Q860S9, Q8HWN3, Q8MGY6, Q8WMA1, Q95HN3, Q9MYD9, Q9TQ40
No.of Samples
Total number of unique samples: 28755
Unique samples with mutations: 80
cDNA Sequence
Protein Sequence
Transcript and Protein Aligned
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No Fusions reported for HLA-DRB1

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