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Gene name
Genomic Coordinates
Gene Id
CELIAC1, HLA-DQB, IDDM1, CCDS43451.1, P01919, P03992, P05537, A1KR27, A2AAZ1 ... [more]
... A2RPH3, A2VCT9, A4FRB6, A4Q9R4, A6N8I7, A6Q0V9, A8KS05, A8KS15, A9YQ99, A9YQA0, B1GXI3, B1PL07, O19506, O19709, O19715, O19741, O19764, O46871, O78046, O78198, O78220, O78224, O98201, O98202, O98213, O98214, P79526, P79544, Q08GC8, Q09035, Q0E4V9, Q0E4W4, Q0VJC4, Q14QT3, Q1HCN6, Q29731, Q29784, Q29877, Q29883, Q29884, Q29922, Q29969, Q29996, Q2P9N3, Q30003, Q30004, Q30005, Q30075, Q30076, Q30078, Q30079, Q30080, Q30081, Q30083, Q30084, Q30088, Q30090, Q30093, Q30100, Q30202, Q3LTJ5, Q45FY0, Q4VC54, Q4VC55, Q53I44, Q564J6, Q5BLN0, Q5BLN1, Q5BLN2, Q5BLN3, Q5ISH3, Q5Y7A9, Q5Y7B2, Q5Y7B5, Q5Y7D0, Q5Y7D6, Q5Y7F1, Q643R4, Q67AI7, Q67AI8, Q67AI9, Q67AJ0, Q67AJ1, Q67AJ2, Q67AJ3, Q67AJ4, Q67AJ5, Q67AJ6, Q67AJ7, Q67AJ8, Q67AK1, Q67AK2, Q67AK6, Q67AK7, Q67AK8, Q67AK9, Q67AL0, Q67AL1, Q67AL2, Q67AL3, Q67AL4, Q67AL5, Q6B9X1, Q70VH8, Q7YQ08, Q8HWH0, Q8MGZ6, Q8MH58, Q8MHQ2, Q8SNB4, Q8SNB9, Q95HL3, Q95IH2, Q9BCT8, Q9BCU0, Q9MYG8, Q9MYH2, Q9TNT9, Q9TPA8, Q9TPA9, Q9TQ76, Q9TQE3, Q9TQE4, Q9XRY6, Q9XRY7, Q9XRZ2, ENSG00000179344
No.of Samples
Total number of unique samples: 28746
Unique samples with mutations: 51
cDNA Sequence
Protein Sequence
Transcript and Protein Aligned
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No Fusions reported for HLA-DQB1

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