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Gene name
This is a known cancer gene, for more information please look here
Genomic Coordinates
Gene Id
CHOP, FUS-CHOP, FUS1, TLS, TLS/CHOP, CCDS10707.1, P35637, Q13344, Q6IBQ5 ... [more]
... Q8TBR3, ENSG00000089280
No.of Samples
Total number of unique samples: 30526
Unique samples with mutations: 94
Alternative Transcripts
Mouse mutagenesis
Mouse insertional mutagenesis experiments support FUS as a cancer causing gene, please click
for more information.
cDNA Sequence
Protein Sequence
Transcript and Protein Aligned
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FUS is involved in fusions with :
ATF1 ( 2 mutations in 6 samples )
CREB3L1 ( 4 mutations in 236 samples )
CREB3L2 ( 98 mutations in 332 samples )
DDIT3 ( 351 mutations in 627 samples )
ERG ( 52 mutations in 52 samples )
FEV ( 1 mutations in 1 samples )
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