This inferred breakpoint table displays list of all inferred breakpoints derived from expression of number of gene fusion mRNA variants. [more details]
Mutation ID 5' Partner Gene3' Partner GeneNo. of MutationsMutation Frequency
Gene NameLast Observed ExonInferred BreakpointInserted SequenceGene NameFirst Observed ExonInferred BreakpointInserted Sequence
COSF1343 EWSR1 8 1293 - ZNF444_ENST00000337080 5 774 - 1 50%
COSF1345 EWSR1 ? ? - ZNF444_ENST00000337080 ? ? - 1 50%
Total Mutations2100%
Tissue based mutation frequency for all breakpoints. [more details]
Primary Tissue Mutated Samples All Samples % Mutated
Detailed list of all the papers where this fusion has been reported. [more details]
Reference Title Author Year Journal Status COSMIC Pubmed