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Cancer cell lines kinase study
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Protein kinases are frequently mutated in human cancer and inhibitors of mutant protein kinases have proven to be effective anticancer drugs. In this study, the coding domains of the entire protein kinase gene family have been examined in a primary collection of tumours (6 malignant melanomas, 5 renal cell carcinomas, 4 lung small cell carcinomas, 3 head/neck squamous cell carcinomas, 2 bladder carcinomas, 1 pancreatic ductal carcinoma, 1 mesothelioma). 148 of the 518 kinase genes were mutated in at least one sample, producing a total of 207 mutations, the majority of which were missense events. No mutation clusters were observed. Four tumours had more than 10 mutations, with 2 showing a significant hypermutable phenotype, CP66-MEL with 41 mutations and MZ7-mel with a total of 70, the most highly mutated sample we have yet seen. Interestingly, no mutations were observed in TP53, in the MPv6 additions study.