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Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Candidate Gene Screen
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Adenoid cystic carcinoma is a slow growing tumour of the secretory glands, arising most commonly in the salivary glands but also occurring in other parts of the body. As part of an ongoing research effort funded by the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Fund (, 400 candidate gene (including genes implicated in cancer, cell signaling and growth control) were sequenced for small point mutations. This work was carried out on 25 samples (provided by AACRF collaborative research group member Dr. Adel El-Naggar) utilising an approach of PCR product generation for the entire set of PCR amplimers followed by individual concatentation of all amplimers for each tumour and matching normal DNA sample, then sequencing this material utilising next generation sequencing. In total 8 somatic point mutations were identified in 8 genes. No highly prevalent point mutation was identified in this set of genes.