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Molecular and immunohistochemical analyses of uveal melanoma patient cohort.
Paper ID
Sarubi HC, Pereira NB, Gomes CC, Gomez RS, Carmo ACM, Melo FM, Bastos-Rodrigues L, Pedrosa MS, Friedman E and De Marco L
Departments of Surgery.
Melanoma research, 2019;29(3):248-253
ISSN: 1473-5636
PMID: 30480620 (view at PubMed or Europe PMC)
Uveal melanoma is a rare form of melanoma and the most frequent primary eye malignancy in adults. The major molecular alterations underlying uveal melanoma pathogenesis affect mainly the GNAQ, GNA11, SF3B1, and BAP1 genes. In this study, we somatically genotyped 31 Brazilian uveal melanomas for BRAF, GNA11, GNAQ, SF3B1, and BAP1 gene mutations and assessed BRCA2 and p53 protein expression. GNAQ and GNA11 mutations were detected in 60%, and SF3B1 mutation rate was 30%. p53 Immunostaining was markedly positive in 5/31, and 3/31 samples showed negative BRCA2 expression. This study supports the importance of these key genes in uveal melanoma tumorigenesis; p53 and BRCA pathways seem to play a role in a subset of patients, possibly heralding unfavorable prognosis.
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Sample ID Sample Name ID NCV Annotation Zygosity Chromosome Genome start Genome stop Genome version Strand WT seq Mut seq FATHMM-MKL

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Sample Gene Expression Expr Level (Z-Score)

Over Expressed; Z-Score > 2.0

Under Expressed; Z-Score < -2.0

Normal; Z-Score within the range -2.0 to 2.0

CN Type Minor Allele Copy Number CN Segment Posn. Average Ploidy

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3. For CGP samples, the PICNIC algorithm was used to calculate the average ploidy.


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Gene Sample Name Id Sample(COSS) CDS Mutation Somatic status Zygosity Validated Type


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Sample Name Mutation Count

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