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Mutational landscape of B-cell post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders.
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Menter T, Juskevicius D, Alikian M, Steiger J, Dirnhofer S, Tzankov A and Naresh KN
Department of Cellular and Molecular Pathology, Hammersmith Hospital Campus, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK.
British journal of haematology, 2017;178(1):48-56
ISSN: 1365-2141
PMID: 28419429 (view at PubMed or Europe PMC)
It is currently unclear whether post-transplant diffuse large B-cell lymphomas (PT-DLBCL) display a similar genomic landscape as DLBCL in immunocompetent patients (IC-DLBCL). We investigated 50 post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders (PTLDs) including 37 PT-DLBCL samples for somatic mutations frequently observed in IC-DLBCL. Targeted Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) using the Ion Torrent platform and a customized panel of 68 genes was performed on genomic DNA. Non-tumoural tissue was sequenced to exclude germline variants in cases where available. A control cohort of 76 IC-DLBCL was available for comparative analyses. In comparison to IC-DLBCLs, PT-DLBCL showed more frequent mutations of TP53 (P = 0·004), and absence of ATM and B2M mutations (P = 0·004 and P = 0·016, respectively). In comparison to IC-DLBCLs, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)<sup>+</sup> PT-DLBCL had fewer mutated genes (P = 0·007) and particularly fewer mutations in nuclear factor-κB pathway-related genes (P = 0·044). TP53 mutations were more frequent in EBV<sup>-</sup> PT-DLBCL as compared to IC-DLBCL (P = 0·001). Germinal centre B cell (GCB) subtype of PT-DLBCL had fewer mutations and mutated genes than GCB-IC-DLBCLs (P = 0·048 and 0·04 respectively). Polymorphic PTLD displayed fewer mutations as compared to PT-DLBCL (P = 0·001). PT-DLBCL differs from IC-DLBCL with respect to mutations in genes related to DNA damage control and immune-surveillance, and EBV association is likely to have a bearing on the mutational pattern.
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Sample ID Sample Name ID NCV Annotation Zygosity Chromosome Genome start Genome stop Genome version Strand WT seq Mut seq FATHMM-MKL

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Under Expressed; Z-Score < -2.0

Normal; Z-Score within the range -2.0 to 2.0

CN Type Minor Allele Copy Number CN Segment Posn. Average Ploidy

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2. For TCGA samples, the ASCAT algorithm was used to calculate the average ploidy.

3. For CGP samples, the PICNIC algorithm was used to calculate the average ploidy.


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