The COSMIC SFTP server is now deprecated. Please switch to using our other download methods.

Using GUI clients

There are two methods to download data. The most user friendly method is to use a GUI client such as WinSCP, FileZilla or CyberDuck to connect to our SFTP server.

You will need to download the software, install it and consult the documentation before trying to download data.

The following credentials will be required to login.

  1. Host name:
  2. Protocol: sftp
  3. Port: 22
  4. Username: Your email address
  5. Password: Your password

For those familiar with using command line tools, please follow the Terminal link under the 'SFTP Download' section for more information about the second method of downloading data

If you require further assistance please contact

Command Line Terminal

To download data files using the the command line method you will need to open a terminal window and login to your account using the following command:

sftp ''

Enter your password when prompted. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it.

Getting help in SFTP:

You can get help in SFTP by typing either the word help or ? in your terminal:

sftp> help

For a complete list of command line arguments and sub-commands, see the SFTP Man page.

Downloading files:

If you want to download a single file, you can download by issuing the following command:

sftp> get "path_to_the_file"

If you want to download an entire directory, you can pass in the recursive flag -r:

sftp> get -r files/grch28

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