COSMIC – the Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer – is the world's largest source of expert manually curated somatic mutation information relating to human cancers.

Please refer to the About COSMIC page to understand more about the project.

There are 3 ways COSMIC data can be downloaded: Download in Browser, Scripted Downloads, and Filtered downloads. To access any of these options, select the release version and the product you want to download (e.g. Breakpoints, Cancer Gene Census), and click on the 'File Name'. This will open up a pop-up window with the 3 options available for download

Login to download

As part of COSMIC's strategy, we offer Non-Commercial and Commercial licences to users.

Non-Commercial users: Register and Login to download data from this page

Commercial users: Contact QIAGEN about obtaining a commercial license to access and download the data.

Please refer to our licensing page here to understand if you are a Non-Commercial or Commercial user.

Download in Browser

The whole data file can be downloaded in the tar form, this includes the zipped tab-separated data content file and a readme with a description of all file columns.

Scripted Downloads

This feature allows the products to be downloaded programmatically using the command line or scripts. Once select the option for "Scripted download" in the pop-up window, detailed help with examples is provided on the web page to guide you through the process.

Filtered Downloads

This feature allows a product to be downloaded for a small chunk of data. The categories a product can be filtered on are the Gene symbol, Sample name, and Primary Site (Cancer). The filters could vary depending on the product if it has the filtered fields. E.g. Genome Screen Mutants product can be filtered on all 3 categories of Gene symbol, Sample name, and Primary Site whilst Cancer Gene Census product can only be filtered on Gene Symbols as this product file doesn't include Sample Name or Primary Site.

How to use the filters?

  • Expand 'Add Filter'
  • Choose any filter field - Gene symbol, Sample name, and Primary Site (Cancer)
  • Once a filter field is chosen, start typing and an autofill feature will produce a list of matching input.
  • select the matching data from the drop-down
  • Repeat the process if more filter fields need to be added
  • Until valid data is selected the 'Download' button will remain deactivated.
  • Once all the filters are added with valid data, the 'Download' button will be activated and the filtered download can be initiated.
  • If there is no matching result for the selected filter, a warning message will be displayed "No rows were found for the provided filters" to avoid an empty download file.

This feature is currently supported only for the latest release.