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Sample information
Sample name
COSMIC sample ID
Tumour location
Kidney (Carcinoma; Renal cell carcinoma)
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Screening method
Whole exome screening
Sample type
Cultured Sample
Cell line source
Origin of cultured sample e.g. metastasis
Sample source
Description of sample e.g. surgery-fixed, blood-bone marrow
Curated features
Sample details
Tumour details
Individual details
Normal tissue tested
Additional information
Microsatellite instability (MSI)
Other samples linked to the same individual
American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
P.O. Box 1549, Manassas, VA 20108, USA
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STR profile data
Sequence statistics
READ 0 READ 21 READ 41 Rpair Gbp Seq UM Pairs Gbp Map Mapped Gbp Uniq Unique
1.9 85.55 73.44 74586220 11.19 12.26 9.66 86.31 8.6 89.07


This tab displays a Circos diagram, a circular plot showing each chromosome of the genome as a segment, with each datatype shown as a separate track on the image. Move your mouse over the plot to highlight a region of the genome, then click to view the region in the Genome Browser. Show more

Circos gives a clear overview of all the structural variants, aberrant gene expression and copy number, and both coding and non-coding point mutations for the selected sample. This image is available for whole genome screens.

Circos is a software package developed by Martin Krzywinski (for more details see Krzywinski, M. et al).

This tab shows a circos diagram of the sample data [more details]

Data in each ring, starting from the outermost ring:

  • Deletions
  • Insertions
  • Nonsense mutations
  • Missense mutations
  • Silent mutations
  • Splice mutations
  • Complex mutations
  • Non coding Variants

Histogram with light pink and light blue background colour:

  • Hyper Methylation
  • Hypo Methylation

Histogram with red and green circles:

  • Over Expression
  • Under Expression

Pink and Blue histogram:

  • CNV Gain
  • CNV Loss

Green and Purple ribbons in the innermost circular space:

  • Intra-chromosomal Rearrangements
  • Inter-chromosomal Rearrangements
Circos image for 910920

Genome browser

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The genome browser shows COSMIC annotations for this gene in a genomic context. Show more

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This tab shows the mutations observed in this sample. See more information in our help pages.

Gene Transcript Census Tier 1 AA Mutation CDS Mutation Somatic status Zygosity Validated Type Position

Mutation Filters

This tab shows the mutations observed in this sample [more details]
Gene CDS Mutation Somatic status Zygosity Validated Type
This tab shows the genes with no mutations in this sample (whole genome screen only) [more details]
Mutation ID (COST) Mutation Description Chromosome From Breakpoint From (GRCh38) Strand Chromosome To Breakpoint To (GRCh38) Strand Non Templated Inserted Seq
This tab shows the non-coding mutations in this sample (whole genome screen only) [more details]
Sample ID ID NCV Annotation Zygosity Chromosome Genome start Genome stop Genome version Strand WT seq Mut seq FATHMM-MKL
This tab shows the CNVs (copy number variants) for this sample. Only variants (classified as gain or loss) are listed. [more details]

Table Information


The average ploidy of the genome is . The table currently shows only high value (numeric) copy number data. Copy number segments are excluded if the total copy number and minor allele values are unknown.

Click here to include all copy number data. For more detailed information about copy number data and gain/loss definitions click here.

Gene Expression Expr Level (Z-Score)

Over Expressed; Z-Score > 2.0

Under Expressed; Z-Score < -2.0

Normal; Z-Score within the range -2.0 to 2.0

CN Type Minor Allele Copy Number CN Segment Posn. Average Ploidy

1. N/A represents cases where the average ploidy value is not available( mostly ICGC samples). For some TCGA samples where the minor allele information is not available the average ploidy value could not be calculated.

2. For TCGA samples, the ASCAT algorithm was used to calculate the average ploidy.

3. For CGP samples, the PICNIC algorithm was used to calculate the average ploidy.

Study CNV

Mutation spectrum

This tab shows the mutation spectrum observed in this sample. Read more in our help pages.

Sequence context

This tab shows a candi diagram of the sample data [more details]

Candi image for 910920


This tab shows a heatmap diagram of the sample data. You can read more in our help pages.

heatmap image for 910920

Non-mutant genes

Not available in the cell lines site.


Not available in the cell lines site.