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ICGC (GACA-CN) : Gastric Cancer - CN
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ICGC Project Summary:
In view of its high prevalence in China and the existence of possible interacting environmental factors, China will focus on gastric cancer as a part of the International Cancer Genome Consortium activities. In particular, China will focus both on Intestinal-type and diffuse-type cancer. The major reasons for selection of gastric cancer are:
  • It is the most common cancer with high incidence and poor prognosis in China, most of cancer patients to be diagnostic too later to cure.
  • Intestinal- type and diffuse-type cancer is different in clinical pathological features and gene expression profiling.
  • About 50-80% of cancers have the high risk of recurrence and metastasis following creative resection.
  • Precancerous lesion including intestinal metaplasia (IM) and dysplasia (Dys) has high incidence and have a high risk to be transformed to malignance.
  • It is fundamental to analyze genomic changes for discovering biomarkers to detect gastric cancer early and to predict prognosis.