COSMIC search results

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The COSMIC search system is a simple text search tool. It returns lists of all entities that match your search term, using a case-insensitive text search. These are the results of searching the following fields in our database:

Entity Fields Hits
Gene Gene name, alternate IDs 0 hits
Mutation Gene name, mutation string, alternate IDs 3 hits
SNPs SNP ID 0 hits
Cancer COSMIC classification, journal article description 0 hits
Tumour site Primary tumour site (not including synonyms, such as "colon") 0 hits
Sample Sample ID, alternate IDs, tumour site 0 hits
PubMed entry PubMed ID, author names, article title 0 hits
Study Study ID, project code, description 0 hits

Note that the search may return several different types of data. For example, the search term "brca" will find genes "BRCA1" and "BRCA2", mutations that occur in genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, samples with names like "BrCa8", and PubMed entries which mention "brca" in their indexed text. In order to find all entities (e.g. all tumours sites, all pubmed entries, all samples) that are connected to your gene of interest or search term, follow the links in the results table.

Gene Alternate IDs Tested samples Simple Mutations Fusions Coding Mutations
COSM Gene Syntax AA Syntax CDS Canonical Recurrence
Gene Syntax Alternate IDs Canonical Recurrence
Mutation ID SNP
COSMIC classificationPaper descriptionTested samplesMutations
Primary SiteTested sampleAnalysed GenesMutationsFusionsStructural variants
Sample NameSample IDSites & HistologiesAnalysed GenesMutationsFusionsStructural variants
PubmedPaper titleAuthor
Study IdProject CodeDescription