Study Summary

This section shows a summary for the selected study (COSU identifier) or publication (COSP identifier). Studies may have been performed by the Sanger Institute Cancer Genome Project, or imported from the ICGC/TCGA.

  1. Reference/Study - Title of the study or the paper.
  2. Id - A unique identifier used within COSMIC
  3. Authors - Lists all the authors of this paper ( only for publications ).
  4. Journal - This section describes the Journal name, year, volume and page number and pubmed link to see more details on this article ( only for publications ).
  5. Abstract/Description - A description of the study, or the full abstract of the article (only for publications).
  6. Paper Status - There are currently three statuses:
    • Curated : The reference has been fully curated in to COSMIC.
    • Listed : The reference has been read, but the data have not been entered into COSMIC for one of many reasons.
    • Reviews : These references are reviews of mutation data from other references. They are not entered into COSMIC as the data have generally been entered via the original papers.

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