Methylation Details

This table shows the differential methylation data associated with the selected gene/sample/tissue/histology and type (High/Hypermethylation or Low/Hypomethylation). This table also provides the ability to search, sort and export the table in csv or tsv format.

Table Contents

  1. Gene Name - The name (symbol) of the gene
  2. Sample Name - The name of the sample analysed. There can be multiple sample ids linked to the same sample name if it is unclear whether the same sample name between different publications is indeed the same sample.
  3. Sample Id - The unique id of the sample analysed. It links to sample overview page for more details.
  4. Probe ID - The unique identifier of the methylation probe.
  5. Probe Posn. - The genomic location ( GRCh38 ) of the CpG targeted by the probe
  6. Type - The type of differential methylation; High (Hypermethylation) or Low (Hypomethylation)
  7. Level - The beta-value for the probe in this sample
  8. Normal Average - The average beta-value for this probe in normal samples
  9. Primary Tissue: The primary tissue from which the sample originated. More details on the tissue classification can be found here
  10. Tissue Subtype 1: Further sub classifications of the samples tissue of origin.
  11. Histology: The histological classification of the sample.
  12. Histology Subtype 1: Further histological classifications of the sample.
  13. Study - Lists the unique Ids of studies that have involved this gene/sample. It links to the detailed Study Overview page, listing all details from the selected study including samples and genes analysed.
  14. Sample Type: The type of sample - Tumour Sample, Cultured Sample or Unknown.

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