CNV & Expr Details

This table contains the complete CNV (copy number variant) and gene expression data for your selection. This page is linked from the Tissue and Histogram tabs on the Gene Analysis page, the Circos image on the Cancer Browser and from the Sample Overview page.

    1. Sample - Sample identifier which links to the sample overview page.
    2. Gene - Gene name identifier which links to the gene overview page.
    3. Expression - classified as 'Under', 'Over', 'Normal' or '-' where there is no data.
    4. Expr Level - The Z-score value for gene expression. Normal range -2 to 2. Over > 2. Under < -2.
    5. CN Type - Type of CNV, either Loss or Gain.
    6. Minor Allele - Minor allele count for the specified CNV
    7. Copy Number - Total Copy Number for the specified CNV (major allele + minor allele counts)
    8. CN Segment Posn. - Genomic position of the CNV and icon links to the ChromoView page (to view CNVs across the whole chromosome), the COSMIC Genome Browser and Ensembl.
    9. Average Ploidy - average ploidy across the whole genome of the sample
    10. Study - Unique Study identifier which links to the study page.
    11. CNV - Unique CNV Identifier which links to the CNV overview page.

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