Gene fusions, or translocations, resulting from chromosomal rearrangements are the most common mutation class. They lead to chimeric transcripts or to deregulation of genes through juxtapositioning of novel promoter or enhancer regions.

Gene fusions are manually curated from peer reviewed publications by expert COSMIC curators. A comprehensive literature curation is completed for each fusion pair when it is released in the database. Currently COSMIC includes information on fusions involved in solid tumours and leukaemias. Annotation of fusions associated with lymphomas will be added.

Select a gene pair from the list to go to the Overview page for that fusion and see all curated fusions for that pair, as well as the tissue types in which they were found and the associated publications. Many additional data points are curated for individuals (e.g. age, gender), tumour (e.g. stage, drug response) and samples (e.g. histology, sample source). This information can be found on the Sample Overview page.