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Gene Name:
Mutation Id:
AA Mutation:
p.R196* ( Substitution - Nonsense )
CDS Mutation:
c.586C>T ( Substitution )
Ensembl Contig View17:7578258..7578268
COSMIC Genome Browser:
COSMIC JBrowse 17:7578258..7578268
Ever confirmed somatic:
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Sample name Gene name Transcript Primary Tissue Histology Pubmed ID Zygosity Somatic Status Sample Source
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WikiPathwayAndrogen Receptor Signaling Pathway
WikiPathwayAMPK signaling
WikiPathwayDNA damage response
WikiPathwaymiRNAs involved in DDR
WikiPathwayFluoropyrimidine Activity
WikiPathwayCell cycle
WikiPathwayMAPK signaling pathway
WikiPathwayTGF-beta Receptor Signaling Pathway
WikiPathwayWnt Signaling Pathway and Pluripotency
WikiPathwayG1 to S cell cycle control
WikiPathwayDelta-Notch Signaling Pathway
WikiPathwaySenescence and Autophagy
WikiPathwayErbB signaling pathway
WikiPathwayDNA damage response
WikiPathwayDNA damage response (only ATM dependent)
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Reference Title Author Year Journal Status COSMIC Pubmed